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Summertime in the City has arrived. Its a time with so many activities, events + farmers markets that we can hardly keep track of all the must do’s. Today also marks the summer solstice, giving us time to stand still for a moment just like the sun at its highest point in the mid-summer sky. Its a time to reflect on the beginning of the year + time to set goals for the remaining days of the year still to come. So with that I have a few summer favorites that I have been reflecting on so far this season. Some of my go-tos + some of my mainstays for a proper + successful summer.


1. This summer I have been loving two piece outfits, it makes running from meeting to meeting comfortable + easy going. J.O.A. has wonderful options to pick from, shorts + tops to pants + tops.                                                                                                       


2. Summertime in Colorado means sailing in the mountains for us. Lake Dillon is usually very breezy + cold so my Saint James tee is the perfect tee.                                           


3. Watermelon just screams summertime, a refreshing + juicy bite is all I am looking for on a hot day.


4. Suns out equal’s toes out, everybody needs a good pair of sandals. These Hermes Oran Sandals are my go to, they are perfect during the day or for a date night on a hot summer night.       


5. Summertime calls for a go to summer drink, Rose is my must have for parties or hanging out on the porch during the long summer nights. After visiting Elk Cove in Willamette Valley a couple of years ago I seem to always gravitate towards their Pinot Noir Rose.             

What's your summer go to's that you can't just get through summer without. let me know in the comments below.     thats all for now, stay tuned for more.. xoxo jamie              

SPRINGtime Favorites

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Spring is here yet again.. As today marks the spring equinox + we have a balance of equal parts day + night. Its time to let go of what has built up over the winter + embrace the new energy that has arrived. Its a rebirth in nature, buds are bursting on trees, spring flowers are coming out + it’s a growth cycle within myself with striving to be better + follow my dreams. My spring favorites will surely be some things you cant live without this season.  


1. My Chanel navy loafers are perfect for running errands or meetings, they bring that extra layer of design into any outfit.                                                         


2. This new Sweater was the addition to my wardrobe that I needed, its light enough for the spring afternoon sun yet warm enough for the chilly mornings.                   

3. This is not just a springtime régime but I just happen to purchased these Well Told Health boosters this spring. I seem to sleep better + be more productive, making efficient decisions. They are a Canadian company + I am hooked I can't seem to say enough good things about these vitamins. I started about 3 weeks ago + I am truly noticing a difference. I first learned about Well Told Health through @driamurphy instagram account (if you don’t follow her do, I want to be her real friend, as she is killin’ it as a boss lady).                                           


4. The Cuyana leather backpack is perfect size for bringing your office to the park to enjoy the sunshine instead of the desk. The spring weather is not to hot or to cold just perfect to be outside all day. It fits all you need + it’s the perfect companion to take along with you as you explore the city.                                                                                                           


5. Springtime is the perfect time to plan a trip. Its just before the hustle + bustle of the summer travelers giving you quit time to explore the everyday life of a new destination. My favorite spring travel was a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands.                                 

Would love to hear what you do in the spring??

That's all Folks, Stay tune for more of my favorites + must haves. 

Favorite MOMENTS of 2017!!

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2017 was the year my dreams became a reality, + what a year it was!. Here's to the best "first' clients anyone could ask for, new challenges + no free time. Love to everyone who helped me along the way, for being there when I could not + for the encouragement to keep on forging my own path. Excited to see which direction 2018 leads me. xo, jamie


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Winter is here again! It’s my favorite time of year no doubt. With the winter solstice, acknowledging the shortest day of the year as a return to light, a return to innocence; a rebirth along the wheel of life as the great world continues to spin. We can take a pause + embrace the day as we start to welcome the sun back in with some of my seasons Must-Haves.


1. With the colder nights a good pair of Gloves is essential. Keeping your hands warm during dog walks, driving with the cold steering wheel or just simply being outside helps with making the winter manageable.                                                                                             


2. Colorado is the land of layers + with the Patagonia Down Sweater Vest it’s perfect for the warmer days + by night layer it under your jacket for the extra warmth. Lets be honest my vest is a staple all year around but of course its always out during the winter.                   


3. Winter marks the season of skiing!!! Hence my favorite time of year. My K2 Miss Behaved skis are waxed + sharpened just waiting for the snow to drop. There is nothing like a day of skiing to really connect with nature + all that it has to give.                                           


4. With the colder weather nothing beats the smell of fresh baked cookies. In the winter I always seem to bake consistently, I don’t know what it was but its not winter without cookies. Little tip replace half the butter with an avocado, come summer your swim suit will thank me. 


5. This season I am all about the wool beret, winter’s “it” hat. When the snow begins to fall its acceptable to wear hats all day everyday, therefore giving us the perfect accessory to turn any outfit into something special.                                                                                           

Whats your winter must haves of the season??

That's all Folks!! stay tuned for more of my Must-Haves + Favorites.  xo, jamie


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Well HELLO Fall, its one of my most favorite times of year, where the days start to get shorter + the nights have that crispness in the air. In autumn it allows us to be balance once again, as the sun enters Libra, balanced scales, it brings equal days + equal nights letting us recharge for the next cycle. With the seasons changing here are my Fall Favorites!


1. Mules – I have been eyeing these Prada mules for quite some time, they are perfect for fall, they keep your toes warm in the brisk mornings yet they still allow for your foot to breath as it warms up by the afternoon.  These are a must have on my list.                                   


2. A Ruffle Shirt – this has been the season for ruffles + bell sleeves, I can’t seem to get enough, J Crew has one of my favorites with the right amount of ruffles + the blue stripes you can't go wrong.                                                                                                             


3. Apple Picking – Every year I take a trip over to Hotchkiss, Colorado to spend the night in Orchard, pick apples in the day + drink Hard Cider at night. Fall means apples + you can’t get any more fall then Big B’s tucked away on Highway 133 with golden Aspen trees for miles.


4. Cashmere Cardigan – When you pull out the sweaters after a long summer you want to just snuggle up in it. My long Cuyana cashmere cardigan is perfect to warm up in the house before you fire up those radiators + perfect for the extra layer on date night.           


5. Fall Forage – Living in Colorado I am lucky enough to have the mountains out my back door with all the mountain colors. All throughout the fall you see various shades of reds, oranges, + yellows on the hillsides, fall drives + hikes are my favorite weekend activity to get out of the city + see nature at its finest.

That's all Folks!!!  Would love to hear what your favorites for fall are. 

My SUMMER Must-Haves!


Summer has officially begun, as today is the summer solstice which means to most its that time of year for the long nights that we all love.  Its also the time to honor the sun + allow nature to embrace you. It’s the time of year I rise at dawn practice my pranayama to harmonize my bodies solar + lunar energies, + spend my nights out on the patio watching the sun go down. With this change of seasons brings a new set of must-haves that I seem to have on consistent repeat all summer long.


1. Top-Siders – they are the perfect summer shoe, especially with my days spent on the sailboat. You don’t need socks + when they get wet they seem to fit better.              


2. Hat – I have very pale skin so anything that helps shade me from the sun is right up my ally. This Fedora is twist on the classic look with its wide brim, + to make it my own I add a black bandana around the band. The whiskey color straw is perfect for any outfit.


3. Pint of Cherries – Summer not only brings long days but also cherry season which marks the height of the summer. Once I start I can’t stop till fall. It’s my quintessential summer activity.


4. Jean Shorts – I mean jean shorts + a white tank top is the official uniform of summer. My Paige Denim shorts are always out ready to wear.                                                    


5. Sunscreen – Kiehl’s Super Fluid Sunscreen is a beauty product I wear all year long with all the sunny days we have in Colorado, but it’s in the summer when I seem to wear the most of it. It’s the softest, non greasy sunscreen out there + trust me I tried them all.               

That's all folks!!  Would love to hear what are your must have summer traditions.