street hART

Street ART - RINO District Denver, Colorado

Street Art has created a home for itself in the ever changing RINO District of Denver, Colorado. As you walk through the neighborhood you can’t help but notice the creations the local artists have designed. Is street art as a façade material a new fad or have we just started to look at it as an acceptable and encouraged medium in the repertoire of options for designers. Street Art is nothing new, it has been a part of urban areas since there was such a thing as urban areas but it has been disregarded as anything of substance, often actively shunned and painted over. Throughout RINO you would think that CMU and stucco no longer exist and they have been replaced by art as the main component of buildings.  Geometric shapes + Bright Colors help shape the design of the “new” modern trend that has exploded onto the market.  The art on the buildings are ever changing just like the neighborhood so get out and explore the beauty.