A GEM in the CITY

Amethyst Coffee Company - Denver, Colorado

The subtle combination of wood, concrete, and the color white seem to be a staple for this generation of coffee shops. I myself am not a fan of coffee but boy do I LOVE coffee shops. The feel as you walk in is so welcoming it makes you want to stay all day, staff is always happy and their décor never disappoints. Amethyst has a simple yet not so simple cash counter wrap, the CNC triangles in the simple white façade makes it unique giving it character without adding unnecessary materials.  The tables and chairs have the same mantra. The seating area isn’t anything too fancy; a grey couch, round coffee table and a simple wooden rocking chair. The triangular bookshelf ties into set by the white triangles and the company’s logo, bringing the whole space together as one.

Wood + Concrete + White