The Corner Beet - Denver, Colorado

Cold pressed juice seems to be all the rage right now at every store, but Whole Foods has nothing on The Corner Beet's exceptional juice, pressed daily of course. At The Corner Beet you not only get tasty juice + simple vegetation fare, you get a space that has a boho eclectic modern feel. They have different style tables + chairs, yet it still has a very cohesive + thoughtful look. The back wall is a mixture of materials as well, you have beetle kill pine + a simple wood lathe wall that showcases art by local artists for purchase. Nothing seems to be out of place, everything has a purpose from the plant sanctuary in the window to the herbs hanging on the wall. The mornings are my favorite time to go as the eastern light shines through the large window + gives The Corner Beet the perfect glow, a calming feeling, + a place to enjoy the morning!! The large wall of windows has a great bar across it, making it the perfect lunch spot to have a salad with a juice + do some Capital Hill people watching. Make sure to enjoy a gypsy juice at the neighborhood juicer. 

boho + wood + art + earth