The kitchen is the heart of the home. Its where everyone gathers huddled around an island sitting on hard stools when there is a perfectly good sofa just steps away. With that being said every kitchen needs a few good basics to create the perfect meal for all your friends + family to enjoy. When I am designing a kitchen its all about the range, gas of course, + lots of counter space. I can go on + on about what makes a good kitchen space but that’s for another time, for today’s post I will introduce to you my kitchen essentials that every home cook enthusiast needs + will make any existing kitchen a killer one. I myself love to cook + as the Holidays fast approach us I thought it would be fitting to share the 7 things I cannot live without in my tiny kitchen.


1. Good Heavy stainless steel Pots + Pans, I personally like to cook on AllCad but there are many options out there that are in every price range. 


2. A sturdy cast iron Dutch Oven is the perfect compliment to your stainless steel pots, it will hold a more consistent heat making it perfect for roasts + your grandmothers chili recipe. 


3. A good Chef’s Knife is the key tool in the kitchen, I am a sucker for German knifes, Wusthof is what you will find in my drawers. 


4. To flavor all your wonderful meals a good Pepper Mill will make seasoning even easier. I like ones with multiple options for the size of the pepper grind itself, Peugeot has U select mills that allow for just that. 


5. White Porcelain Dishes make every meal you serve look gourmet.


6. Every meal needs good wine, Wine Glasses in the right size to go with the right wine will make all the  difference in the taste. 


7. To top it off a KichenAid Mixer, it just adds joy to the kitchen with the all the possibilities from making cookies to juicing oranges.  

These are my essentials, I would love to hear what yours are?

That's all Folks, Stay tuned next week for my favorite Thanksgiving Dishes.