5 Favorite Ways to Fragrant your HOME

One of the first thing people say to me when they walk through my front door is “it smells good in here” which is an awesome complement by the way thanks guests. Giving your home a nice smell makes it welcoming + inviting because lets be honest no likes to walk into a smelly space. I have a dog + even though I try to keep her clean somehow it always smells like her so combatting her smell is a must, here are multiple ways I accomplish it + keep my house smelling fresh. 


1. Fresh Flowers is a must! I mean you can never go wrong without them + it brings extra life into your space.

2.  Candles I love Diptyque + Voluspa! They smell great even when they are not burning www.diptyqueparis.com | www.voluspa.com


3.  Fresh Lavender from the garden adds just the right amount of homemade.


4. An Agraria Lavender + Rosemary Diffuser. Its so simple + hassle free no lighting, no replacing. One advice splurge for the large size it no joke last for years. www.agrariahome.com


5. During the holidays I love to have orange slices + spices simmering on the stove to bring in the holiday cheer.

Simple ways but the best ways. I would love to hear ways you love to fragrant your HOME.    That's All Folks, Stay tuned for next week. xo jamie