The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year + with that comes the changing of the seasons + officially welcoming in winter.  The winter solstice is one of my favorite days of the year, its a day to honor the darkness + let go, reflect on the past year + tap into your energies for what the new light will bring. With this new Season I give you a list of my go to every winter favorites that get me through the colder tempertures.  


1. My Vince Cashmere Thermal Scarf. its cashmere what more do you need.   


2. My Hunter Rain Boots. With all the snow + warm temperatures to follow that happens In Colorado, my rain boots are perfect for walking around in the slush + muck after a big snow fall.                                                                                           


3. My Burberry Diamond Quilted Coat is the perfect addition to any outfit. I can wear for a date night or to a yoga class + feel just as comfortable in both cases.


4. My blue Carhartt beanie, its just a damn good beanie with no fuss.         


5. I saved my all time favorite for last, my black suede Prada Booties. They truely are my go to winter shoe, I can wear them with pants or dress, they give that extra wow to any outfit.

That's All Folks!! stay tuned for next week's New Years Resolutions    xo, jamie