Favorite NEW YEAR'S Resolutions

As the New Year approaches some of us want to burn down what was 2016 + others want to celebrate the joys they had in 2016. As for me I will celebrate what was 2016, it was the year I launched my design blog, I started my own interior design firm, I saw great friends say I do, + sad but exciting I saw my boyfriend complete his first semester of his MBA. This time of year always gets people thinking about New Years resolutions but I like to call them intentions or goals for the new year. The most important thing is to keep them, so be practical + realistic about what you set.  Here is a list of my 5 favorite intentions of have set over the years (+ mostly kept up with). 


1. Meditate more – it helps clears your mind + allows for you to relax


2. Be More Productive – work easier not harder, setting to do lists + not getting distracted while completing your tasks. 


3.  Start a Blog – or something that allows you to be inspired let go of the everyday tasks + be you.


4. Eat more Greens – diets are never kept therefore making it an unrealistic resolution for the year but you can say no diet just eat more greens. 


5. Commit to a truthful you!! – stay true to what you believe in.

I would love to hear your favorite New Year's Resolutions. That's all folks!! Stay tuned for next week's favorite moments of 2016!!  xo, jamie