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Heritage Bicycles General Store - Chicago, Illinois

A simple classic white wood store front leads you into a general store, as they call it, where the two main things are fresh brewed coffee + locally made bicycles. Heritage Bicycles General Store is a place where you come + get a flat tire fixed on your bike + you end up getting a cup of coffee too or the other way around you come in for the coffee + end up buying a new helmet or a new seat for your bike. Depending on what part of the general store you find yourself walking around in, it will have a rustic meets industrial meets modern feel in the space. The coffee shop is more rustic with its long farmhouse table, window nooks for seating + a vintage stove serving as the lid + sugar stand, while the general store is more modern with its simple white shelves + classic lighting. The bike mechanics 'garage' has the industrial utilitarian feel considering it’s actually  the place where the bikes are assembled, but the rustic feel matches the wood floor + tables. As a whole the spaces never feel separate from each other, all intermixing with one another as you walk through. This is a place for community where you can work all day on your laptop drinking coffee + sparking up conversations with the people around you or you can just simply watch the custom bikes being made in the shop.  From the local pastries + the Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars (which I hear are hard to find in the Midwest) to the coffee + teas, to the entirely made in Chicago bikes, Heritage Bicycles General Store has something for everyone.  

Heritage Bicycles General Store                                                                                                 2959 N Lincoln Avenue                                                                                                         Chicago, IL 60657                                                                                           www.heritagebicycles.com

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