Union Station  - Denver, Colorado

A gathering place like no other. A large open center room is not only a place for you to wait for the train but its used for a seating area to grab a cocktail with friends before heading to one of the many adjoining restaurants and its an office outside the office for many urban professionals during the day. Union Station has a retro feel with trending pieces that became timeless over the years with original flares of the design from the old train station still woven into the whole space. A striking example of this is the existing hexagon terrazzo floor blending nicely with the newly laid herringbone wood planks of the upstairs lounge thus creating harmony between the new and old.  Follow along and explore with me the many different styles of furniture from leather to fabric to wood throughout the space. The tile work around the windows and balconies, the light fixtures and even the front façade all have been restored wonderfully to last another 100 years. Whether you live in Denver, or if you are just passing through town, Union Station is a must see place with a welcoming lively environment to make the visit worthwhile.

Fabric + Tile + wood planks