The Streets of PARIS

Discover the streets of Paris! As I strolled through the city, I saw the old buildings, and the cobblestones that created the pathways between them and couldn't help but wonder why city's today are not like they used to be. The patterns and shapes that help decorate the roads of Paris were part of the basic fundamentals that created classic design as we know it today, the simple brick laid subway tile, concentric circles, and the intricate detailing in the railings on the balconies. You may be walking down streets in the middle of the city yet most of the windows have planter boxes filled with luscious greens and flowers to bring the joy of nature to the built environment around every corner. Paris is a place to get lost not only on the tight little streets and in the courtyards behind buildings but lost in the past. There's so much history in Paris it's hard to ignore it, it's around every corner and in every Arrondissement. It's a place to fall in love not only with that special someone but with Paris itself. Discover the streets of Paris any chance you get!