Textiles, Furniture + Guns!! Oh my

Tres Estrellas Design - Taos, New Mexico

When I think of Taos I think of the fabulous wool rugs + blankets in the rich southwestern flavor.  On Historic Ledoux Street there is this amazing little design studio that had just that fabulous textiles in rich colors. The feeling of the space as I walked in was cool and tranquil, with simple clean lines, straightforward, a very laid back Taos vibe. The best part of the design studio was that it had the loom in the middle of the room allowing you to examine how each rug was hand strung right there in the adobe space. Rugs on the walls were scattered around like art, the furniture was simple + understated as it allowed for the craftsmanship to do the talking. No extra materials were used it was just the piece. All the furniture pieces seemed to match the vibe of the space perfectly along with the rugs + blankets. If textiles + furniture is not your thing don’t worry there was a small case that displayed old guns from the 1800’s + early 1900’s along with handcrafted leather holsters + accessories. If you asked the shop owner, Chris, he will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the history of his gun collection, extremely fascinating. Tres Estrellas Design is certainly a gem in Taos that you don’t want to miss.

Textiles + Wood + Adobe + Handmade