New Year,New YOU! My yoga must-haves

As we approached the half way mark of January in 2017 + the new year feeling is wearing off, its time to slow down + breathe. After all it is still a New Year, + a new you therefore here is a list of my yoga must-haves that is sure to last all year.  


1.  A great matching outfit is a great reason to get you on your mat daily. The Lululemon Simply Bare Bra + Tight in black of course, is the perfect outfit that should be in any closet. The high-waist pants gives you support + doesnt't leave you feeling exposed.                 


2. Lululemon makes the best mats on the market, a good mat allows you to practice anywhere. I have one for the studio + one for traveling that I bring everywhere I go.


3. With long hair + hot yoga hair ties are my life saver. A class without a hair tie is just a mess therefore making it hard to get centered.                                                                       


4. After class my must-have thing to put on is a flannel shirt, its just cozy enough + keeps me warm on the winter nights. The Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt is all I wear, I get a new one every season.                                                                                                         


5. An awesome studio with amazing teachers is essential, The River in Denver is the only place you will find me, it’s the absolute best. I would not be the yoga student I am today without The River to call my hOMe.                                                        

What are your must-have yoga essentials, I would love to hear all about them. 

That's all Folks...  xo, jamie