Winter is here again! It’s my favorite time of year no doubt. With the winter solstice, acknowledging the shortest day of the year as a return to light, a return to innocence; a rebirth along the wheel of life as the great world continues to spin. We can take a pause + embrace the day as we start to welcome the sun back in with some of my seasons Must-Haves.


1. With the colder nights a good pair of Gloves is essential. Keeping your hands warm during dog walks, driving with the cold steering wheel or just simply being outside helps with making the winter manageable.                                                                                             


2. Colorado is the land of layers + with the Patagonia Down Sweater Vest it’s perfect for the warmer days + by night layer it under your jacket for the extra warmth. Lets be honest my vest is a staple all year around but of course its always out during the winter.                   


3. Winter marks the season of skiing!!! Hence my favorite time of year. My K2 Miss Behaved skis are waxed + sharpened just waiting for the snow to drop. There is nothing like a day of skiing to really connect with nature + all that it has to give.                                           


4. With the colder weather nothing beats the smell of fresh baked cookies. In the winter I always seem to bake consistently, I don’t know what it was but its not winter without cookies. Little tip replace half the butter with an avocado, come summer your swim suit will thank me. 


5. This season I am all about the wool beret, winter’s “it” hat. When the snow begins to fall its acceptable to wear hats all day everyday, therefore giving us the perfect accessory to turn any outfit into something special.                                                                                           

Whats your winter must haves of the season??

That's all Folks!! stay tuned for more of my Must-Haves + Favorites.  xo, jamie