As some may know 8 years ago today John asked me to dinner at Pasta Jays in Boulder, Colorado for our first “official” date, after months of dating + well after that date you can say the rest is history. Throughout the years we have done some incredible things together, celebrating milestones together, traveled the world together + even to this day I still find new ways to love him more than I already do.  As I look over the last eight years I feel lucky to have such a special person to believe in me + encourage me to forge my own path. For today’s post I thought it would be very fitting to share with you some of our favorite dates.


1. Our absolute favorite date night spot was Le Central in Denver, a very simple French restaurant that had the best moule frites + macaroons in town.  Since it was just down the street from our apartment you could say we frequent it at least a couple of times a month. In the fall of 2015 sadly it closed its doors + our date nights have never been the same.


2. One of the best weekend trips we had was a trip he surprised me with to Silverton, for a weekend of backcountry skiing in the most incredible little town in Colorado. Skiing is what we love, besides each other, so to say the least we were both on cloud nine the whole weekend. www.silvertonmountain.com


3. Last spring we went to back to Boulder where it all started. We had a lovely picnic on the Nolan Quad at the University of Colorado’s campus + saw a wonderful production at the Shakespeare Festival in the outdoor theater on campus. Going to school in Boulder you always saw the banners but never actually went so 7 years after graduation we finally went + I can’t say enough good things about it.                                                                           www.coloradoshakes.org


4. When we lived in Australia our favorite day or night out would be to pack up some crackers + tasty cheese, bring a bottle of Passion Pop, (Australia’s version of a cheap Prosecco) Tim Tams for dessert + sit down at the harbor + watch the boats go by. 

5. The best dates are always the impromptu ones where there is no planning it just happens, like waking up on our sailboat + deciding that we are going to finally use the fishing poles we have on the boat. We bought our fishing licenses, live bait, + before you knew it we were catching trout.  We grilled them for dinner which was unbelievable good + paired with a good bottle of wine you can say it was a day not to forget.  

I would love to hear the favorite dates, feel free to share, for now Thats's All Folks!!                            xo, jamie