Through all my years of travel from state to state to country to country I have managed to have the same travel essentials that always make it in my bag first + I just can’t seem to leave home without them, wherever I go even if its just camping or sailing for the night.


1. I may be turning 31 today but I still cannot leave home without my childhood blanket. My Blanket goes everywhere with me, no matter what.


2. A Flannel Shirt is my go to shirt for any travel whether it’s a wedding weekend or a getaway to New York flannel will be in my bag                                                             


3. A Travel Yoga Mat its lighter than my every day mat therefore making it easy to pack + carry around allowing me to always get a quick practice in anywhere.                                            


4. Runners, the best way to see a new city is to go for a nice morning run. 


5. Kiehl’s First Class Purifying Hand Cream I always put this on before + after every flight.


6. Sunnies are just an absolute must to have in your bag.                               


7. Vans they are the best shoe to wear around town exploring the museums + shops

Traveling is a huge part of my life + I would love to hear all of your travel must haves that are always in your bag. Stay tuned for next weeks Black-Tie Favorites.    xoxo, jamie