My SUMMER Must-Haves!

Summer has officially begun, as today is the summer solstice which means to most its that time of year for the long nights that we all love.  Its also the time to honor the sun + allow nature to embrace you. It’s the time of year I rise at dawn practice my pranayama to harmonize my bodies solar + lunar energies, + spend my nights out on the patio watching the sun go down. With this change of seasons brings a new set of must-haves that I seem to have on consistent repeat all summer long.


1. Top-Siders – they are the perfect summer shoe, especially with my days spent on the sailboat. You don’t need socks + when they get wet they seem to fit better.              


2. Hat – I have very pale skin so anything that helps shade me from the sun is right up my ally. This Fedora is twist on the classic look with its wide brim, + to make it my own I add a black bandana around the band. The whiskey color straw is perfect for any outfit.


3. Pint of Cherries – Summer not only brings long days but also cherry season which marks the height of the summer. Once I start I can’t stop till fall. It’s my quintessential summer activity.


4. Jean Shorts – I mean jean shorts + a white tank top is the official uniform of summer. My Paige Denim shorts are always out ready to wear.                                                    


5. Sunscreen – Kiehl’s Super Fluid Sunscreen is a beauty product I wear all year long with all the sunny days we have in Colorado, but it’s in the summer when I seem to wear the most of it. It’s the softest, non greasy sunscreen out there + trust me I tried them all.               

That's all folks!!  Would love to hear what are your must have summer traditions.