SPRINGtime Favorites

Spring is here yet again.. As today marks the spring equinox + we have a balance of equal parts day + night. Its time to let go of what has built up over the winter + embrace the new energy that has arrived. Its a rebirth in nature, buds are bursting on trees, spring flowers are coming out + it’s a growth cycle within myself with striving to be better + follow my dreams. My spring favorites will surely be some things you cant live without this season.  


1. My Chanel navy loafers are perfect for running errands or meetings, they bring that extra layer of design into any outfit.                                                                   www.neimanmarcus.com/CHANEL/


2. This new Sweater was the addition to my wardrobe that I needed, its light enough for the spring afternoon sun yet warm enough for the chilly mornings.                             www.topshop.com

3. This is not just a springtime régime but I just happen to purchased these Well Told Health boosters this spring. I seem to sleep better + be more productive, making efficient decisions. They are a Canadian company + I am hooked I can't seem to say enough good things about these vitamins. I started about 3 weeks ago + I am truly noticing a difference. I first learned about Well Told Health through @driamurphy instagram account (if you don’t follow her do, I want to be her real friend, as she is killin’ it as a boss lady).                                                     www.welltold.com


4. The Cuyana leather backpack is perfect size for bringing your office to the park to enjoy the sunshine instead of the desk. The spring weather is not to hot or to cold just perfect to be outside all day. It fits all you need + it’s the perfect companion to take along with you as you explore the city.                                                                                                                     www.cuyana.com


5. Springtime is the perfect time to plan a trip. Its just before the hustle + bustle of the summer travelers giving you quit time to explore the everyday life of a new destination. My favorite spring travel was a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands.                                           www.moorings.com

Would love to hear what you do in the spring??

That's all Folks, Stay tune for more of my favorites + must haves.