Summertime in the City has arrived. Its a time with so many activities, events + farmers markets that we can hardly keep track of all the must do’s. Today also marks the summer solstice, giving us time to stand still for a moment just like the sun at its highest point in the mid-summer sky. Its a time to reflect on the beginning of the year + time to set goals for the remaining days of the year still to come. So with that I have a few summer favorites that I have been reflecting on so far this season. Some of my go-tos + some of my mainstays for a proper + successful summer.


1. This summer I have been loving two piece outfits, it makes running from meeting to meeting comfortable + easy going. J.O.A. has wonderful options to pick from, shorts + tops to pants + tops.                                                                                                       


2. Summertime in Colorado means sailing in the mountains for us. Lake Dillon is usually very breezy + cold so my Saint James tee is the perfect tee.                                           


3. Watermelon just screams summertime, a refreshing + juicy bite is all I am looking for on a hot day.


4. Suns out equal’s toes out, everybody needs a good pair of sandals. These Hermes Oran Sandals are my go to, they are perfect during the day or for a date night on a hot summer night.       


5. Summertime calls for a go to summer drink, Rose is my must have for parties or hanging out on the porch during the long summer nights. After visiting Elk Cove in Willamette Valley a couple of years ago I seem to always gravitate towards their Pinot Noir Rose.             

What's your summer go to's that you can't just get through summer without. let me know in the comments below.     thats all for now, stay tuned for more.. xoxo jamie