Alley House


Alley House - Denver, Colorado

When tapped to help a couple design a new 2 car garage with a 1 bedroom apartment above I teamed up with design-build firm Design Platform to navigate the ins + outs of designing + building a one of a kind backyard project. When starting with a tough but interesting design challenge it is best to distill it down to its simplest elements. So from the start, we wanted a modern exterior to contrast with the traditional brick bungalow of the main house + an interior with a forward design aesthetic. Because the living space was going to have to fit above the footprint of a two car garage it had to be open + efficient + cover all the bases of creating a comfortable home. Through many iterations with the city we were able to settle on a modern accessory dwelling unit that managed to have a style all its own + bring new life to the property. When you first walk up you are greeted with a modern garden space complete with sitting area + enough room for entertaining on a nice summer night. Then upon walking in a neat entry has room to have a seat to take off you shoes + storage for jackets and all of your outdoor gear. Heading up the stairs you enter into the main living area, an open space that encompasses the living room + kitchen and is the heart of this little home. With high ceilings and plenty of windows, the kitchen + living room were designed to bring in as much natural light as possible and make the space feel larger with its connection to the outside. The kitchen has a cool and clean design aesthetic with plenty of storage + an open feel, with large lights overhead providing plenty of light + bringing a unexpected touch to the room. Heading further back we pass the bathroom, providing clean lines + a comfortable private space with stacked subway tile + a dark floor. Finally we enter the bedroom, again furnished with a ton of natural light, as well as a large walk-in closet with washer + dryer inside. All-in-all this project is a dream house for the lover of simple modern living. For more pictures go here, all photography of the Alley House project were taken by Ryan Lawrence Photography.